Talks and Workshops

The Chaucer Heritage Trust seeks to promote among the general public interest, understanding and appreciation of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, his life and times and influence, and his position in English and world literature.


In keeping with these aims the Trust offers short introductory talks on the subject of Geoffrey Chaucer, his life and times, and his works. If you are interested in hosting one of these please contact us at

Workshops for Schools

If you are a school interested in The Canterbury Tales Writing Competitions we would be pleased to organise a workshop or talk to help inspire students wishing to participate in the competition.

Schools DO NOT have to currently have the works of Chaucer on their syllabus to take part in the competition. We would be delighted to provide students with an introduction to the Canterbury Tales, its historical context, and its language in order to help students with their entries.

We are currently offering workshops and lectures. If you would like to discuss tailoring a talk to your specific needs please get in touch.


A one hour workshop introduced students to Geoffrey Chaucer and his most famous work The Canterbury Tales. Workshops explore the medieval world Chaucer came from and how this influenced his writing. Students will be introduced to Middle English and learn about some of the characters in The Canterbury Tales and their stories.

KS5 (A Level) Canterbury Tales Lecture/Workshop

This one hour lecture/workshop is aimed at providing sixth form students studying The Canterbury Tales with a greater appreciation of the literary, historical and linguistic context of the Tales. It places special emphasis on exploring the portrayal of women in Chaucer’s Tales.

For more information about these events please contact us at